Our Charities


Over the years, CLAWS has raised and donated over $50,000 to various charities throughout our community.
Some of those charities are:

The Grand Strand Humane Society - Coastal Animal Rescue Mission -

Back-Pack Buddies - Coastal Rescue Mission Food Bank -

Cockayne Syndrome Support - Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs -

The American Red Cross - CareTeam -

Tara Hall Home for Boys - Horry County Police Department

The Center Project - Coastal Aids Quilt Project - Myrtle Beach Pride -

Dining With Friends

While this is not a comprehensive listing of all charities we have assisted, it provides an overview of the types of charities we normally assist.
Our members nominate various charities that are important to them for any number of reasons, and the membership decides what charities to donate to.
That does not include the various circumstances that occurs within the community that requires attention and allocating funds for those charitable endeavors.