Code Of Honor

 We the member of the Costal Allegiance to Wisdom and Service (CLAWS) strive to uphold the values of the Levi/Leather Community. 

CLAWS was organized to provide an atmosphere of growth, support and camaraderie for those individuals who are interested or actively pursuing the Levi/Leather lifestyle. 

While encouraging a positive attitude of acceptance, tolerance, and increasing awareness of the Levi/Leather community, we educate our members and prospective members on the varied safe, sane, consensual and fun practices of the Levi/Leather Community. 

CLAWS stands for honesty and integrity with one another. We stand for pride in our heritage and who we are as individuals and as a club. Our Members believe in the spirit of camaraderie and in promoting understanding, harmony, support, and cooperation within our membership.

To these ends, we hereby pledge to strengthen and support these ideals while advancing the causes for which we stand. For all this and to each other...