MARCH 5-8,2015 CLAWS 15TH ANNIVERSARY RUN @ Parliament Resort,  Augusta, GA

Early Bird Special: $95 until August 31,2014


New Year's Eve Package Grand Prize Winner, Michael D.


Members at CLAWS Holiday BINGO!



                    CLAWS newest Member, Brien E.

CLAWS Members at the Trident Knights "Hillbilly Hootenanny" Run August 2013!



  Our club was formed in March of 2000 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to provide an atmosphere of growth, support, and camaraderie for all individuals who are interested in  or who are actively pursuing the Levi/Leather lifestyle. CLAWS is non-discriminatory, regardless of race, gender, religion, handicap, or  sexual preference.

We are a community service organization and hold numerous outings and fundraisers throughout the year to collect money for various local and national charities. All donations to our organization are tax deductible.  We have a Federal Tax ID number on file, and it is available upon request. Thank you for your interest in our club.  If you need any additional information about  us or help with anything on this site, please email us with your  questions.  Be sure to check back with us often, as additional information, photos, functions, and events are constantly being updated on this website.


Claws December Poster